Sunday, July 2, 2017

Things my son said

Son: Kita nak pergi mana ni?
Husband: Pergi rumah nenek.
Son: Ni bukan jalan pergi rumah nenek.
Me: Nak pergi rumah nenek lain.
Son: Tak nak!
Husband: Kita kena pergi melawat dia. Kesian dia duduk sorang-sorang.
Son: Kenapa dia duduk sorang-sorang?
Husband: Sebab suami dia dah meninggal.
Son: Kena tinggal! Kenapa dia kena tinggal?
Husband: Bukan kena tinggal! Dah meninggal! Dah mati!
Son: Dia pergi tinggal dekat mana?

In the car, leaving the house.
Husband rolled down the window.
My son popped his head out and waved.

Son: Bye! Bye bye! Bye bye! Bye bye!

We never saw him that enthusiastic with strangers. He must be in a really, really good mood, we thought.

Son: Bye! All aboard the express train!

Hah! No wonder he was so semangat. He pretended to be on a train leaving the train station!
Pengaruh kuat si Thomas and Friends.

You guys should see his satisfaction look for being able to board his 'train'. Haha.

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