Saturday, January 28, 2017

During year end sales, I started browsing Instagram. As you know, I had been avoiding Instagram because I felt I already spend so much time on Facebook, I didn't need another distraction. Unfortunately, I succumbed because a lot of those Hijabista sales were more active on Instagram.

(I kan on the way to be more syariah compliant now)

Anyway, I'm regretting right now. Because I stumbled the lives of the rich and fabulous, and I'm looking at myself like...Errr...


I still don't have a single post on Instagram though, because my life is not so exciting, duh...

So, what's been going on?
Well, I have quite a number posts as drafts, all half-written, because I usually wait until the kids go to bed, but by that time, I would end up too sleepy to write. Haha. Typical mom problem.

I work in a new place! I serve the so-called elites now. So far, it has been okay. But the stress...
After a month long at home (another story), I keep comparing how happier I was at home, how more organized the kids were...At least, at home I don't get to be all stressed up to prepare slides for meetings, write reports etc.

I'm sure there are different kinds of stress being a housewife, but you don't have datelines, don't you?

Enough of that.

What else...
Hmmm...My husband bought a handbag for me, yeay, because I like it.

And I am really looking forward for our holiday in April! Yeay!

Oh, my firstborn is still not in school because I wasn't scouting since I thought we would be in my husband's hometown! Sekali tengok-tengok, dapat kerja sini pulak. Habis spoil semua plan, but indeed Allah is the best planner.

Hhmmm...Itu je kot. Bebel lagi nanti...Bye!

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