Sunday, May 22, 2016

Both children are sleeping.
My firstborn is still in recovery state, he had high fever and suffered the third episode of febrile fit. I am praying the baby won't get infected.

The febrile fit occured when we balik kampung. It was the first time my husband witnessed it.

My MIL said she used to put a spoon inside my husband's mouth everytime he had a seizure. I was like, "Laaa!!! Genetic rupanya!"

At first, I was a little bit angry. My husband took my son a day earlier to kampung. He told me my son was feverish. I asked him to give him Panadol. But my husband said my son was crying, so he didn't serve the medicine to him.

But, I refrained myself from talking about it. I know my husband must had felt equally bad. Besides, he has been wonderful. My son is two and half years old and my husband has been bringing him balik kampung for a couple of times without me. I know there are not many men who can do that. Even Father and my brothers won't be able to do it.

Anyway, yesterday, my husband asked me, what do I wish for my birthday.

Surprised, I told him I hadn't thought about it yet because my birthday is in June. Then, he made me realize that now is already end of May.

I think that it's sweet of him to remember, unlike me who has forgotten many things. I haven't even given him anything for his birthday this year, not yet.

The truth is, I didn't expect anything. He just bought a new car, which he claims to be an early anniversary gift (actually, we bought a new car just because our family is expanding). I also treated it as a 'Thank you for giving birth to our daughter' gift. Haha.

I told him that I wanted a ring, or a necklace. But, I think he is buying me a watch. He bought a new watch and he thinks I should get a matching one. I told him, I prefer Omega, but he said the men's designs from Omega are not nice.

But, to me, the watch would be an expensive gift. A ring would be cheaper. Tak payahlah membazir...Haha, I ni, perasan je nak dapat jam, entah-entah tak dapat pun, ataupun dapat benda lain...

I also told him about the Diorama bag. Saw someone carrying it and quickly showed it to him. But the bag is absolutely, purely a 'want' item. I still have bags I haven't used yet in the wardrobe!

Anyway, whatever it is, I am currently content with my life. It's not perfect, but I am good. As long as I have this family, I am happy.

Nah, belanja gambar. I tak reti rotate gambar pakai phone, sorry.


mokjadeandell said...

Hope that baby will be well. Remembered those trying days when the children were small and one of them was showing those little jerks. Bundled her up to emergency n warded . I was in full term of my preganancy n had to share the kiddy's bed.Thankfully she recovered n I went home with a new baby..

the ectopy said...

Wow, what an eventful labour story!