Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tak jadi induce hari ni...Postpone esok pulak...Hoping for regular contractions to avoid the dreadful tomorrow, hehe...

Since I'm bored...

I am not a naturally pretty person, I admit. Biasa biasa je...Tak ada orang minat pun masa sekolah dulu...But, that does not deter my self esteem. I mean, I never let my looks to make me feel less confident about myself.

I've told the story about a friend of mine who used to have good skin. When we were in college, she suffered from acne. I didn't think it was bad, but she was so ashamed of herself, she didn't want to socialize and kept herself in her room.

Another friend in University was pretty too (well, I think she is quite average, but maybe she thought otherwise?) At one point, she had skin problem. She asked all of her friends to delete photos of her in Facebook. Because the request was quite tough to comply, she ended up avoiding being in photos altogether.

Recently, I met a friend who went to University with us. She said that girl is now back on Facebook after her skin got treated. Haha.

Actually, there was a time when I wish I was prettier. Jealous with girls who have the looks. I said, "Best nya jadi cantik...Ramai peminat..." I was immature. But my friend told me, "Best ke jadi orang yang sentiasa kena kecewakan orang lain? Ye lah, bila dah cantik, ramai orang minat, tapi kita kena asyik kena reject orang yang kita tak suka tu..."

Wahhh...Why you so wise!!!!! We were only 18...


Since I don't really care much about how I look...I mean, I do care lah, I used to love make-ups and whatnots, tapi takde lah sampai tahap skin kena perfect gitu...I have accepted the fact that my skin has flaws, and I gotta live with it. It's not the end of the world if I'm ugly, or if I miss a facial appointment (still a virgin here)...

Orang kata, alah bisa tegal biasa. I've always had acne problems, hence leading to enlarged pores. So, I dah tak berapa nak heran kalau ada jerawat. Once, I sought a professional treatment and was prescribed with an antibiotic called Tetracycline. Ever since, I noticed my teeth are not as pearly white as before. I was one of the few unfortunates who suffer from its side effect! Dahlah tak cantik, gigi tak putih pula tu!

My niece notices my pores. The other day, she asked me, "Auntie Ectopy, kenapa muka Auntie ada titik titik lubang lubang macam tu?"

I truthfully answered her, "Bekas jerawat..."

Then she said, "Macam muka Anna (from the cartoon Frozen)? Muka Anna ada dot dot juga dekat pipi dia..."

Hahahaha...Those are freckles, honey. But if you think this is how freckles look like in real life, Auntie terima je...Hahaha!


Anonymous said...

i wish i have your confidence. i always feel like i'm not pretty enough (that is the truth anyway!), whenever i see pretty girls, i spend the rest of the day comparing myself with the bombshells, why skin is not fair, small eyes, almost flat nose, cheek bone unporpotionally high, lips like angelina jolie's had gone wrong! boobs and butt almost non existence. i have bad hair day like everyday. my hair is as big as the lion's. dont let me start about the acne and pores.

the only thing that keep me alive is that, i'm too busy with works and daily life that i dont have time to think about my looks. God bless me! i've nvr been to any facial spa because my skin cant simply adapt with any product. i like to stick with whatever that works for me so one less thing to think of.

andd.. my male and female friends have been treating me nicely, like regardless of my looks, they still invite me when they hang out, for movies or drinks, so i dont really feel left out. i'm also been blessed with high metabolism so i stay skinny (and boobless T__T) even after 4 children. (most ppl cant figure out that i'm a mother of 4 adorable kids because of my plywood size)

i have insecurities. strecth marks, sagging boobs. my lord! i am definitely one ungrateful woman. i dont mean to complaint too much :(

anyway, too busy to think of looks. i just keep myself clean, shower, nails short, etc.. dab anti scar serum after shower and go about with my daily life.

**sorry for the very long comment! this doesnt reflects my busy-ness!

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